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Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill said Monday that there is an international push for technical ways to prevent websites from tracking the movements of consumers online and that the amount of tracking of individual behavior has reached an "unprecedented" level.

"There is tremendous momentum internationally for do-not-track mechanisms," Brill said.

"We want to build a rich online environment where individuals can make meaningful choices about how they present themselves to the world, and that can only come about when individuals control information about what we say, where we go and what we do in cyberspace, mobile space and beyond," Brill said.

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The Chinese Communist Party is celebrating its 90th birthday by unveiling a swanky, high-speed train service between Shanghai and Beijing. The service conducted a test-run on Monday.

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President Obama launched a new federal initiative on Friday designed to stem the United States' precipitous decline in manufacturing.

The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership initiative calls for a partnership between the federal government and private industry to develop key areas of emerging technologies that would make the U.S. environment more competitive and friendly to manufacturers.

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