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After many a false start, the popular European music service Spotify launched Thursday in the United States to much fanfare.

But what's the big deal? We've got a plethora of music experiments underway in the United States, and cloud-based music services are making their way into the U.S. market from, Apple and Google.

One of the main conceptual differences: Subscribers don't have to own the music to listen to it.

Instead, the service, which has 15 million tunes in its database, streams music to its users on demand. The tunes and playlists that listeners call up and create can be cached on their computers and mobile devices if they choose to pay Spotify's monthly fees.

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by Eric Smalley

The Google+Facebook and Google+Tweet browser extensions that let you add your Facebook and Twitter streams to Google+ are a great idea.

Unfortunately, they're not ready for prime time.

The extensions' maker, Israeli software developer Crossrider, built the Facebook extension in a matter of hours as a demonstration of its cross-browser development tools, Crossrider CEO Koby Menachemi told TPM. The extensions contain several bugs and limitations (I found several in a brief glimpse at them) but there's also a larger, and more serious security vulnerability.

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The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD,) reversed its support for AT&T's proposed merger with T-Mobile Wednesday after its initial endorsement of the deal caused an uproar within its own community.

"A rigorous review process considered GLAAD's unique mission and concluded that while AT&T has a strong record of support for the LGBT community, the explanation used to support this particular merger was not sufficiently consistent with GLAAD's work to advocate for positive and culture-changing LGBT stories and images in the media," said Mike Thompson, GLAAD's Acting President in a Wednesday press statement.

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By John Voelcker

Fisker Automotive says it will, finally, deliver its first 2011 Fisker Karma range-extended electric sports sedan later this month.

The lucky recipient, it turns out, will be none other than actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

He's the man who kicked off the whole hybrids-for-Hollywood-stars trend, by showing up at the Academy Awards red carpet several years ago not in a limousine but driving his own humble Toyota Prius.

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Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has never been shy in sharing his view that many of the privacy flaps over new features at Facebook are overblown. But when it comes to having his own activities tracked online, it seems that does prefer some level of control.

Up until Tuesday night, according to the Google + tracking service, Zuckerberg had been the most popular person on the service, with more than 35,000 followers. That dropped to zero when he apparently changed his profile to private, as did many top Google executives, noted's Founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten.

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A powerful U.S. senator with jurisdiction over privacy and telecommunications issues late Tuesday urged regulators to look into whether News. Corp. had violated any U.S. laws when its British journalists gained unauthorized access to several individuals' voice mails to pursue stories.

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