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Big Picture On Obamacare

With all the storm and controversy and still uncertain fate of Obamacare, I found this chart which helps visualize the actual big picture effects of the law.

The chart shows trends in the percentage of Americans with health insurance from the introduction of the Medicare and Medicaid through the roll out of Obamacare. The chart is from a speech by Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors.

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Another Example

A couple days ago I mentioned that the seeming unstoppability of Hillary Clinton's pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination has created an odd dynamic in which the contests and questions usually hashed out in a campaign between rival candidates are now being played out within and around her candidacy.

Here's another small example.

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This Is Really Special

Today we have a graphic novel presentation of the assassination of President Lincoln on this 150th anniversary of his death. See it here. It shows Lincoln's assassination and the years of racial violence and guerrilla warfare in the South that followed formal surrender in April 1865.

I thing I find very striking about these anniversaries is that it brings home palpable how rapidly Lincoln's assassination came after the nominal end of the war. We remembered the anniversary of Appomattox last week and now we're on to this. It came that quickly. Take a look.

How Much Would You Pay for a Lincoln Signature?

Here's a fascinating little bit of information I've always marveled at. It probably only has any resonance if you're a history person. But here goes. Back when I was a little kid one of my best friends subscribed to the catalog of a dealer in historical documents. Even at our young age, I was surprised at how relatively cheap it was to buy say a Civil War era newspaper. Just a few dollars. Well within the means of even a kid. And by "few dollars" I don't mean a rich person's euphemism but maybe $5 or $10.

For, literally, a piece of history.

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