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Sh#t Gets Real For TPM Reader

I'm just going to turn it over to TPM Reader SR because it just got personal on Pyramids ...

I am a dedicated reader of your blog but not a subscriber, but I just had to weigh in on the Carson/archaeology discussion because, well, I've spent my entire adult life as a professional ancient historian. Frankly, I now know what climate scientists go through - hard working dedicated folks whose work gets dissed for political gain (of course, the archaeology "denialists" are not denying an existential threat as are the climate nay-sayers).

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Readers Respond to Pyramids and Grain Storage

Whatever the logic of Ben Carson's comments, TPM Readers clearly think that the time was right for Pyramids to move to the center of the 2016 election debate.

We start with TPM Reader JO ...

I remember those books and the spate of movies that were associated with them — not just Chariots of the Gods “documentary” but cash-in follow-ups and copies like Beyond and Back(about the experiences of allegedly briefly-dead people) and In Search of Noah’s Ark (no explanation necessary).

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Sins Of The Brother

Just as Jeb was bottoming out in his psycho-political identity crisis along comes Jon Meacham's new bio of George H.W. Bush featuring the elder Bush personally critiquing George W. for letting the Cheney-Rumsfeld axis run roughshod over him. This should open up a delightful new line of questioning for Jeb on the campaign trail.

Carson Doubles Down, Plus Space Aliens

Ben Carson is doubling down on his theory that the Egyptian pyramids were not built as funerary monuments but in fact were built by the biblical Joseph, when serving as Pharoah's Prime Minister, to store grain. "It's still my belief, yes," Carson told CBS News today in Naples, Florida.

But after this story went live on the site today a number of you wrote in to say that we'd buried the lede. And when I looked again at the story I discovered you were definitely right.

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Smart Hands

I recently spoke to someone who knows Ben Carson professionally. And this person confirmed that however weird he may be and however cloudy his affect, Carson's a really smart guy - which is what you'd expect from a top of his field brain surgeon. But I'm really wondering if it's possible that it's just Carson's hands that are really smart. Because man, this latest thing, even I'm flabbergasted. Carson says he's really not convinced by the archeological elite about the pyramids being built as tombs. He thinks Joseph built them to store grain.

Now ... biblical literalism aside, I'm pretty certain that with the exception of the burial chambers, the pyramids are solid. They're definitely not hollow. Does Carson think they're hollow?

Is Carson For Prez A Direct Mail Scam?

If you remember the plot of Mel Brooks' classic movie, The Producers, the idea was that the scammers set out to produce the worst possible play imaginable to be certain it would close after one night. Yet, they made it so bad it broke through the membrane of awful into the sublime. And they were screwed. Which brings us to the Ben Carson campaign. There is a lot of evidence, coming from a variety of angles, that Carson for President is actually a direct mail scam. Or at least that it started that way.

First, let me explain a bit about what I mean.

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