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It's Alive

Somewhat like the years of anti-Obama incitement and fomenting of The Crazy, which helped birth the Trump phenomenon that is now eating the GOP alive, the birther bacillus has now escaped the GOP biohazard lab and turned on four current Republican presidential candidates.

The Trump Harmonic Convergence Field

I feel like I've written this post four or five times now. But I just cannot get over or even fully get my head around the way that Donald Trump's mere presence in the race has this power to drive everyone on the Republican side of the aisle insane. I don't mean just that they don't like that he's in the lead and creating campaign havoc. I mean forgetting who they are, getting into fights with each other, and just generally losing their minds.

It's like one of these classic Star Trek episodes where some malevolent non-corporeal force is driving everyone mad or putting everyone at each other's throats for some unknown reason. But it's not non-corporeal at all. It's extremely corporeal, more than you and me. It's Donald Trump.

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Do You Use an Ad-Blocker?

Do you use an ad-blocker? If you do, we totally understand. Some people don't mind ads, others really mind them a lot. But if you do, I'd make this request. If you're a regular reader, please sign up for TPM Prime. We need ad revenue to run this site - pay salaries, rent, all the different expenses that go into producing this site. If you use an ad-blocker that closes off that spigot entirely. That ends up being a big hit to our bottom line. We're not asking you to stop using it. But if you do, I would like to ask you to sign up for TPM Prime, our subscription service. It has dramatically fewer ads. It's faster and it has all the other Prime features. But in this context, the big thing is that it opens a revenue stream that makes up for the money we lose because you're using an ad-blocking tool. This way you can use your ad-blocker guilt free.


Fareed Zakaria had a column out yesterday dissecting and demolishing New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s argument for opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. I won’t try to duplicate his arguments on the merits. I don’t think I can improve on them. But I have wanted for the last week to address Schumer’s decision.

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Swaggering Biff

After first saying that invading Iraq was awesome and then slinking back to 'if the intelligence hadn't fooled us', now Jeb Bush is back to saying that "taking out" Saddam Hussein was a "pretty good deal." In moments like these, it's worth wondering, does Jeb want to be President? Are his political skills too rusty to make a run?

But there's a more revealing prism.

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Nice Job, Florida

Florida is really shining with this needless obstacle for same-sex couples.

Here's the deal:

A group of same-sex married couples sued the state of Florida today alleging it was not providing birth certificates for their children that lists both spouses as parents.

In indirect response, the state has now asked a judge in the closed year-old case that overturned the state's same-sex marriage ban whether it must promulgate a new birth certificate form in light of the Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

Of course, the answer is yes, they should. And that's almost certainly what a judge will say. Any reasonable vital statistics office would have just proceeded with the new forms on its own. But perhaps fearing backlash from Gov. Rick Scott (R) or some state legislators, the office is slow-walking the whole thing. Nice work, guys.

Peak Trump

I'm not sure I've ever seen a picture that captured the weirdness of Donald Trump's hair quite like this one. I was thinking of putting in lines like an infographic. But just take a look. (Click the headline of this post to see a larger version of the photo.)

Norman Lear Ponders Richard Nixon's Sexuality

I confess I didn't know TV legend Norman Lear was still alive. But he's still kicking -- and working -- at 93. TPM's Tierney Sneed interviewed him yesterday about that famous 1972 All In The Family episode on homosexuality which got way under Richard Nixon's skin. We also have a never-before-seen clip of Lear from a yet-to-be-released documentary as he reacts to hearing Nixon on his secret tapes griping about the show “glorifying homosexuality.” Lear's take, all these years later, is worth a watch.