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Watch This Video

I continue to believe this video contains perhaps the most revealing statement Trump ever made about birtherism. It's video from an interview we did with Trump back in April of 2011. Watch after the jump.

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More on the Location

[If you haven't read the post below, tonight's explosion was across the street from my apartment. I and my family were not in the building at the time.]

Shortly before the Mayor's news conference a short time ago a friend who lives in my apartment building told me that the police presence seemed to be focused on the Bed & Breakfast which is immediately east of the home for the blind which I discussed in the post below. The Police Commissioner confirmed that the explosion took place outside the Townhouse Inn of Chelsea, which is at 131 West 23rd Street.

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Explosion in Chelsea, NYC

You may have seen news of an explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan tonight. The cause of the explosion is still unknown, though there's a flood of speculation. As it happens, the place where the explosion occurred is literally directly across the street from my apartment. My family and I were about thirty miles away when this happened. TPM's New York office is about three and a half blocks away.

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The Big Mo

Putin moves toward tacit endorsement of Trump!

From AFP ...

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday offered what appeared to be his strongest support yet for US presidential candidate Donald Trump -- without explicitly naming him.

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The Fever Inside

We've now seen one of those days which has become darkly familiar in the year of Trump. Trump is dominated, put on the receiving end of various perceived insults and assaults. In this case, it was being coerced by campaign aides into finally giving up the birther lie - which had to be addressed after the Washington Post interview and which I suspect they feared might blow up one of the debates. That was followed by a series of attacks from Hillary Clinton, a for once emboldened press corps roundly attacking Trump for the content and manner of his "major announcement", a furious attack from members of the Congressional Black Caucus and a mix of outrage and mockery from everyone from Barack to Michelle.

The response was predictable and rapid.

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Did Trump Cross A Line?

I'm not sure I've ever seen an AP lede quite like this - or an article for that matter. Here's the first paragraph.

After five years as the chief promoter of a lie about Barack Obama's birthplace, DonaldTrump abruptly reversed course Friday and acknowledged the fact that the president was born in America. He then immediately peddled another false conspiracy.

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