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Are We Enabling Scott Walker?

For my part, Scott Walker's attempted walk back of his comments about the Boy Scouts' ban on gay leaders as having "protected children" is ridiculous on its face. He now claims what he meant was that it protected children from "the political and media discussion about it." Um. Okay.

I'm confident our readers are sophisticated enough to see that for what it is, part of the broader softening of rhetoric over gay rights from Walker and other elected conservatives, but a softening that is opportunistic, inconsistently applied, disingenuous, and which, in this case, Walker bumbled.

But TPM Reader KR emails to say we're enabling Walker by not calling him out more forcefully. I yield the floor:

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Just Can't

I've faced this moral dilemma several times and I'm facing it again. I really want a digital copy of John Cale's version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Cale's version is the real version. The version that made the song immortal is the one recorded by the late Jeff Buckley. But it was Cale's arrangement of the song that transformed Cohen's original song, which is magnificent but different. Buckley more or less copied Cale's arrangement. He slowed it down and made it more lush. But fundamentally it's Cale's version. But here's the thing. It's not on Spotify. (Fair enough, Spotify is a rip-off for artists). But to buy the Cale version on iTunes you have to buy the full ... Scrubs TV Soundtrack! Right, not even a whole album but the indignity of buying the Scrubs soundtrack. It's really too much. So here I am again, home alone with my thoughts, listening to Cohen and Buckley, unable to buy the Scrubs soundtrack.

Desperate Whining

I confess that I am enjoying listening to Israel's BS artist Ambassador Ron Dermer - architect of the notorious congressional speech in March and Netanyahu's entry on behalf of Mitt Romney in the 2012 US presidential campaign - whining on CNN with more BS arguments about the Iran nuclear deal. This man is a toxic force in US-Israeli relations and someone who is and always was an almost comically inappropriate choice for ambassador.