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On Garner, Brown and Rice, Why Now?

Over recent weeks, as the shooting deaths of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice and the earlier chokehold death of Eric Garner have woven together into a common narrative about race, police violence and accountability, we can see something like a movement taking shape not only in individual cities but nationwide. But we should ask the question: why now?

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CIA Still Argues That Torture Worked

For a lot of folks, the Senate Intel Committee report is so long overdue that it seems like a rehash (no, there's lots of new details in here) of a dark chapter that has been closed. But so long as the CIA continues to assert that torture (though it doesn't use that word) yielded actionable intelligence, I don't see how you can call this a closed chapter in American history. From CIA Director John Brennan's statement today ("EITs" is the euphemism for torture: enhanced interrogation techniques):

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Shoveling Away the Bull

With today's Gruber auto de fe, it's worth stating again something that is obvious and really indisputable: Obamacare is almost certainly the most deeply scrutinized, discussed and argued over piece of legislation of the entire 20th century and early 21st century. Jonathan Gruber saying something silly at a conference doesn't change that.

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