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PollTracker #2

It's day two of our daily week day count-down of the most salient and noteworthy polls of the last 24 hours. As I said yesterday, if you want to be alerted the moment a poll is released in a race you're following, download our PollTracker Mobile app (available on iOS and Android.) So to the polls. Not much dramatic today on the most watched Senate races. We do have another poll from the Kansas Senate race though and it seems to confirm that incumbent Senator Pat Roberts is likely to lose to Greg Orman, the independent candidate who people on both sides are assuming would caucus with the Dems.

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Today In Undermining The Sanctity Of Marriage

Justice Anthony Kennedy has for the moment halted gay marriages in Idaho.

Meanwhile, some confusion over what exactly has happened in South Carolina. A state judge has apparently begun accepting applications for same sex-marriage licenses in defiance of that state's ban, but contrary to some reports has not actually issued any licenses yet. The clerk in South Carolina tells TPM there is a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for all marriage licenses. The presumption is licenses will issue once the 24 hours expires, unless further legal maneuvering puts a halt to it.

PollTracker Daily #1

With the election now a mere four weeks away, starting today we're going to be reviewing the most noteworthy and important polls from the last 24 hours. It won't be encyclopedic. For that, check out PollTracker. Here I'll be looking at the key soundings that give us new insight or evidence into November's outcome - especially the battle for the Senate, though we'll be looking at all races. If once a day isn't enough, remember, download PollTracker Mobile, the only mobile app that notifies you on your iPhone or Android device every time a new poll is released in a race you're following.

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