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Rabin and Netanyahu

I hope you'll take a moment to read this piece. I commissioned it myself. It's by my friend Ron Kampeas, of the JTA. Ron looks beyond the current storm over the Netanyahu speech to look at and contrast Benjamin Netanyahu and Yitzhak Rabin - but not just in the ways you might expect, with respect to ideology and the Peace Process. He looks at their very different conceptions of Zionism and Israel and the latter's relationship to the United States - their own relationships to the United States. A grown up country? A fully fledged state or in some sense an appendage or half-woven into American Jewry or even speaking for American Jewry? Or America? It's a fascinating and revealing read. I hope you'll give it a read.

Don't Feel So Bad Barack!

As you know, for weeks the US-Israel relationship has been roiled by the speech to Congress secretly arranged by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer and US Speaker of the House John Boehner. America's head of state, President Barack Obama, and his administration were left out of the loop.

But that wasn't all, it turns out. Netanyahu didn't tell his own National Security Advisor what he and Dermer were up to either.

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Coming Up

We've got two pieces coming later this week that I want you to be on the look out for. One is on an emerging dynamic of the 2016 primary campaign which is yet to get much notice. Most of us know about the fiscal calamity brought forth in Kansas by Gov. Sam Brownback's effort to use the state to usher in the Lafferite Supply Side millennium. But that's not the only state where this is happening and not where the 2016 implications are most immediate.

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