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That's It

I'm cashing out my position on the Terry/Veep betting contract.

LOL. No More Mr Nice Guy

Freshly assimilated into the Trump Collective, RNC strategist Sean Spicer says Mr Trump has made clear that the RNC must launch "aggressive" attacks on Hillary Clinton and not follow its past practice of not be willing to attack opponents.

Along those lines, David Cay Johnston has a new article out about how Donald Trump's rise in the world of Manhattan real estate was paved or, perhaps better to say, cemented with enduring ties to members of organized crime. Johnston's article is based on his and Wayne Barrett's years of reporting on Mr Trump. And guess, what, Barrett is joining us at The Hive (sub req) at 12:30 PM to answer your questions about Mr Trump. Join me at 12:30 with Wayne, TPM Senior Editor Catherine Thompson and fellow readers.

The Morning's Polls

It's a truism that general election polls in May don't tell you much about an election in November. But if you see clear trends, they can tell you something about what's happening in May. To bring you up to speed there's a NBC/WSJ poll out this morning which shows Clinton ahead of Trump by 46% to 43%. There's also an ABC/WaPo poll which shows Trump up by two points, 46% to 44%.

There are two clear things we can draw from these polls.

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Shocking. Another White Nationalist Trump Delegate

White nationalists and neo-Nazis aren't the only group represented among Trump delegates. There are also ones being busted on child pornography, weapons and explosives charges. But white nationalists do seem to be the common theme. And here's yet another. Lori Gayne, a Trump delegate from Illinois whose twitter handle is "whitepride". Admittedly, in Gayne's case, "open racist" may be a more apt description.

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Riding the Tiger

Here's a very interesting article by TPM alum Sahil Kapur on efforts to calm the waters between national Democrats and the Sanders campaign. The gist of it is that while Sanders and his top staffers have been upping the ante against Clinton and pressing their demand to take their campaign all the way to the convention he has also been quietly reaching out to Senate colleagues to reassure them that he understands the stakes involved and has no intention of damaging Democratic party prospects in the fall campaign.

Is this two-faced? Is it all consistent? Does one hand know what the other is doing?

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Shooting Outside White House

As you may already have heard, there was a shooting outside the White House a short time ago. President Obama was not at the White House at the time. It is still a developing situation and we are monitoring all media reports and we have our own reporter on the scene filing reports. Watch this post for updates as well as Livewire for more details as they become available.

3:56 PM: Tierney Sneed reports that the New Executive Office Building and the Renwick Gallery (both outside the White House security perimeter) are currently being evacuated.

An X-Men, Dark Forces Theory of Jeff Weaver?

TPM Reader GBA sees a kindred spirit battling the forces of doom ...

I had no idea Weaver ran a comic book store until that article, but that was the part that made it all come together. I'm a geek myself, and quite familiar with the worst parts of geek culture. There's very much an attitude that there are dark conspiracies afoot at all times to take down your favorite characters. X-Men getting downplayed in the comics? It's because Fox owns the movie rights. Books written about people who aren't you winning the Hugos? It's because a cabal of SJWs are preventing deserving straight white men from winning.

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