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The End of TNR

When I was a kid The New Republic was a thing. To me, a big thing. I subscribed, even though I probably had it more than I read it. But I definitely read it. And I still think of the cast of characters, now all in their 50s or 60s or 70s, who were the core staff back then.

Then when I got to college I did my work study job as a research assistant for Daniel Rodgers, a peerless historian, who ended up being my undergraduate advisor. Once I showed I was trustworthy enough, he put me to work doing preliminary research for a book he was writing. And the bulk of the research - 25 years ago - was reading microfiche editions of The New Republic from its first decade of publication, through World War I and into the early post-war era.

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Trent Lott, Now Force for Sanity?

Trent Lott said today that if the Supreme Court invalidates Obamacare subsidies over a technicality, Republicans should work with Democrats to fix the text of the bill so as not to totally screw millions of Americans.

Mitch McConnell recently said that if the Court tries to hijack the bill, mass suffering and disruption should be allowed to ensue in order to allow a total scrapping of the bill.

Our New Venture

A month ago I told you we'd hired Nona Willis Aronowitz to develop and edit a new section of TPM that we're debuting in early January. It will be a cutting and incisive look at contemporary American culture, from race and work to entertainment and sex and family. In many ways it's our biggest new venture at TPM in almost a decade. Starting this week and for the rest of the month we're previewing the new project with a series of articles like the one we published yesterday. It's a report on a women who was drugged and raped at a nude gay bar in New Orleans and how that crime has put New Orleans unique transgressive, bohemian subculture at war with the gentrifying newcomers who were attracted to just that subculture but now may be snuffing it out. If you haven't already, definitely read it. And let me know your reaction both to the piece and to our new project.

Why Was He Using a Chokehold?

The news that NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo will not be charged in the chokehold death of Eric Garner raises a slew of hot button issues about race, police brutality and more. But here's a more mundane issue that isn't the only issue and maybe not even the main one but is a pretty big one nonetheless: Why was Garner placed in a chokehold at all?

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