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Why No Android App?


First, we have nothing but love for Android. No criticism of Android implied. We're a small organization. And we decided it was wise to start with PollTracker mobile on one of the two main mobile platforms. For us, going the iPhone route was a no brainer because our existing audience is heavily weighted toward iPhone users. That's actually part of the fact that our user base is heavily weighted toward Mac in general.

To give you a sense, 27% of our users (measured by % of visits) use Macs, compared to 52% who use Windows. Another 15% use some Apple mobile device. So as you can see, our audience tilts heavily in the Mac direction. Android makes up about 4% of our visits.

That said, PollTracker Mobile was built to and clearly is appealing to an audience way beyond TPM's own core audience. So we're excited to build an Android version of PollTracker Mobile and we organized the development process to make it as easy and as quick as possible to port it to Android.

Really it comes down to the demand we see for an Android version. And relatedly, sponsorship opportunities for building a new version of PollTracker Mobile.

So if you're an Android user and you'd be likely to download and use the app, please drop us a line at talk (at) talkingpointsmemo.com and let us know. We'd love to know and that will be the main factor in how quickly and whether we build an Android version.

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