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What Would The Golden Dukes Be Without Duke Cunningham


As part of his own personal innocence project, Cunningham penned a long letter to his sentencing judge comparing the IRS to the KGB and bemoaning his situation: "As one of the most highly decorated veterans in the history of his nation and a lifetime of service yes I made mistakes but does that include killing me and my family."

The Dukester (not to be confused with the Duke Stir, the yacht bought for Cunningham by a defense contractor that he lived aboard in DC in occasional squalor) has even become a prison reform activist, of sorts.

In short, the humbled, chastened, and repentant Cunningham, inmate No. 94405-198, proved to be a short-lived persona. Back is the narcissistic, grasping, and self-deluded Duke Cunningham that we got to know in the first place.

The Duke continues to set the standard for the Golden Dukes. Which is as it should be.

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