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What The Hell Is Going on Down There?


While Pat is a big fan of George Zimmerman, he is also an ally of Krystal Brown. Who is Krystal Brown? Her ex husband Marlon Brown was stopped on a safety check (seatbelt check!) about 1 a.m in the morning. He panicked because he was on probation and driving with out license. A minor offense but one that would have sent him back in jail. He was not a ruthless criminal and did not deserve the equivalent of the death penalty for not wearing his seat belt and driving without a license.

He ran out of the car. The police while chasing in the dark in a car ran over and killed him. To the African American Community of Deland, it was a milder version of the Trayvon Martin incident. The cop was fired but he was never convicted of any crime or negligence. The African American community thought the seat belt stop was the equivalent of driving while black.

It was a pretty sad situation. If you look at one of her attorneys in the case of her, it is Benjamin Crump, the same attorney that supported Trayvon Martin. (See the Orlando Sentinel link).

There is a third person not mentioned in any of the articles. Her name is Maggi Hall. She is a realtor who ran an animal shelter in DeLand that was busted by the City of DeLand for deplorable conditions. She did not mean to but she tried to rescue too many animals that her volunteers and resources could not handle. She recruited Krystal Brown, Pat Johnson and Scott Price to capture the DeLand City Commission. She wants the mayor, the city manager and everyone in city management fired for the way she felt her reputation was ruined during the arrest.

Here is her web site. She is the only public face associated the web site because she fears retaliation from the city. Iam sad for her because her web site reads like a Glenn Beck web site. This site is controversial because it is dark and there is a feeling that they are spending secret campaign donations to oust the mayor and the commission. I do not think that it is true but with everything so secret, no can tell.

I probably gave you more information than you wanted to know but you can write a campaign book about this local election.

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