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What's the Bargain?

Let's just run down the protections the United States has provided to Mr. Saverin, just from what we read in the paper:

1. It provided Saverin and his parents with a safe haven when Eduardo's name showed up in a kidnapping-for-ransom plan in his native Brazil.

2. It provided a dependable business structure that gave him the confidence to invest in Mark Zuckerberg's scheme to create what ultimately became Facebook.

3. It provided him with access to a judicial system that came to his aid when Zuckerberg tried to cut him out of the burgeoning growth of Facebook.

4. It provided him with a dependable trading floor on which to enrich himself when Facebook went public (with the shares that the judicial system had protected on his behalf).

Schumer's correct. To enrich himself by accepting that level of protection from the Crown United States and then pretending he owes this country nothing as he gorges himself on the wealth the country helped him create is immoral. It's hard to admire any of the people involved with the Facebook saga, but Saverin stands out as a truly contemptible self-seeker.

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