What do you Think?


What do you think? Assuming he doesn’t quickly endorse one candidate or the other, who does Edwards’ exit help? There are some number crunching arguments that it helps Hillary — with the three candidates to split delegates in states where they’re alloted by district, the highest vote getter gets marginally fewer delegates than with two candidates. Yet another point to consider, is that with Edwards in there was a decent chance you could come into the convention with Hillary with most delegates but not enough to secure the nomination. Then there are the polls. A recent LATimes poll found that Edwards supporters basically split between the two, with a slight margin for Hillary. At the same time there’s no mistaking that the target of most of Edwards’ campaign has been Hillary, not Obama, if only because she was the frontrunner. And the whole Democratic terrain is so volatile right now that I doubt any mechanistic read on this question will yield the right answer. What do you think? Who does it help?