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We're From The Militia and We're Here to Help


The shadowiness of the whole enterprise has spawned a series of conspiracy theories on the left and the right. But it mainly seems like it's some guys with a bunch of guns who've found some way to make a lot of money. They just won't say what. At least not yet.

So where exactly is APF getting the money for the venture? The company's spokesperson says they don't plan to answer the question. And who's the spokesperson? That would be Becky Shay, who used to cover APF as a reporter for the local paper until about a week ago.

Here's the rest of our report.

Late Update: Wow, it gets even better with APF. If you want to overthrow a small third world country? Check. Have them tail your cheating spouse and catch him/her in flagrante? Yep, got you covered there too.

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