Waiting for Mittot


As we’re here waiting for Mitt Romney to come out and declare his flat-lined presidential campaign over, there was one point that I think may not be completely clear, or deserves restating. Romney certainly fought a better campaign than Rudy or Fred. But what stands out is that Romney wasn’t able to win a single stand up fight in the whole campaign. Caucuses, I think are fundamentally different than primaries. And Mitt’s caucus wins were each largely uncontested. Michigan was lightly contested by McCain. But Mitt pulled out of South Carolina and temporarily pulled resources out of Florida to focus on that single race and McCain, as I said, only lightly contested it. There were three real primaries in the Republican race — New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. McCain beat Romney in every one. The fact that he was in contention in delegate terms as long as he was was largely a mirage.