Truly Pathetic


Why on earth did the Democrat speaking for the Democrats just now on Hardball say it was “courageous” but “politically stupid” for Paul Ryan to put up a plan to abolish Medicare and other federal social programs? That’s the best he can do? “Courageous”? That’s simply amazing. If ordinary people who look forward to being able to rely on Medicare once they retire can’t even get advocates who don’t think it’s “courageous” to try to abolish Medicare, why are Democrats even in this game?

You can respect people’s contrary opinions. But presumably it’s wrong to abolish Medicare because it’s wrong. And that Dems are the party who believes it’s wrong.

It’s a separate matter that so many people are creating this cult about Paul Ryan that he’s some sort of visionary leader when he’s just putting forward policies that the right of the GOP has been advocating for decades. But really, even the Democrats think that this is “courageous”? I guess in a way it was courageous for the Delaware GOP to run Christine O’Donnell.

Has this guy even understood what the policy is? How courageous would it be to abolish Social Security. Sometimes things are politically risky because they’re profoundly bad ideas.

Simply amazing.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of