TPM Talks to Cory Booker


TPM’s Hunter Walker follows up on yesterday’s Lonegan fireworks with a (long scheduled) sit-down interview with Cory Booker. The interview covers really every aspect of the campaign and Booker’s candidacy, but I wanted to flag his response to yesterday’s story …

“Just imagine being an 18-year-old woman reading that, an 18-year-old high school senior reading that. … When he talked about what it means to be a man. Imagine being a kid being bullied in high school by people who are beating him up saying the same thing. And so, I learned a lot that words have a very powerful effect, especially (from) people who are in positions of authority. So, I think those words were hurtful, and demeaning, and deeply unfortunate, but a reflection of a narrow group of thoughts about our society that i hope we as a chorus of conviction and consciousness in our community can condemn. But I condemn them in a way where — I honestly and sincerely say this on a day that I’m more emotionally raw — I just pray for him and I pray for all of us. May we all elevate in our love.”


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of