This Should Get Interesting


Scott Ashjian is the top ‘Tea Party’ candidate in the Nevada senate election. And since polls show Harry Reid consistently behind in his reelection campaign, Ashjian could provide his only real path to reelection. Because of that, state Republicans and even rival Tea Party factions have claimed that Ashjian is in fact a Democratic plant.

Now comes word that Ashjian is being charged with felony theft and bad check charges for allegedly bouncing a $5000 check in Las Vegas last year.

But here’s the kicker. Who’s bringing the charges? That would be Bernie Zadrowski, chief of the Clark County DA’s bad checks unit. And who’s he? Well he used to be head of the Clark County GOP. He’s also on the ballot himself this year. He’s running for Justice of the Peace.

Late Update: TPM talked to Zadrowski, and he says the charge was standard practice for his office and had nothing to do with politics.


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