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'There Is No THERE There'

Late Update: TPM Reader VF not happy either:

I also thought Mr. Kurtz's post was a little offensive. "Down the memory hole" implies that the media is complicit in covering up some newsworthy story. Unless you have evidence otherwise, back off the President's 13 year old daughter.

TPM Reader MH chimes in:

Why does TPM or anyone else need to "report" on the daily activities of the minor children of the President or any other public figure?

How is such "reporting" different than being a paparazzi?

The White House is only asking for restraint if a two-part test is met (not with the First Couple + not independently newsworthy).

TPM Reader NK says, "The first rule of the memory hole is you don't talk about the memory hole":

The fact that the First Lady's Communications Director is confirming to the media that they asked AFP to pull the story, and citing their reasons for asking AFP to pull the story, really puts the lie to your Orwellian spin. The memory hole, in 1984, for those who haven't read it, was used to eliminate stories as well as the memory of those stories. The Ministry of Truth would never confirm that it put a story down the memory hole. That would defeat the purpose.

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