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The Silent Revolt

And yet it's remained somehow marginal in most of the news.

There are some straightforward partial explanations.

Syria is an extremely closed society. So you just don't have the density of foreign press, the relative press freedom or established public or semi-public opposition groups as, say, you had in Egypt. Similarly, the US isn't on the line for the regime in the way we were say in Egypt or Bahrain. So every new violent crackdown doesn't require an answer from the United States. Meanwhile, the administration has been, I think rightly, reluctant to engage publicly since a vocal US role could allow the regime to discredit protestors as stooges of the US or the West. The other possible, partial explanation is oil. Libya has really big reserves of oil. So that both focuses the interest of countries who want a part of those oil profits and makes the immediate international economic repercussions more serious.

Still, I'm not sure any of these factors really explains it? One thing I'm curious about is how much this is just the US? Is it revolution fatigue for lack of a better word? Curious to hear your thoughts.