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The Petraeus 'Demotion'


But replacing Stanley McChrystal as commander in Afghanistan probably should not be seen as a demotion of Petraeus, Reverson told me in a phone interview this morning. Rather the move underscores the signature importance of Afghanistan to U.S. policymakers and its operational significance to the military. "The job that Petraeus has is the most important job that any general or admiral could have," Reveron says.

The Petraeus move is further evidence of how the battlefield commanders in Iraq and now in Afghanistan have been elevated to nearly on par with the combatant commanders, even though technically they still report to them. In Petraeus' case, he'll now be reporting both to NATO Supreme Allied Commander, U.S. Admiral James Stavridis, because Afghanistan is a NATO mission, and to whoever the new CENTCOM commander is. Possibly throwing things further out of whack, the new CENTCOM commander could be one of Petraeus' own recent underlings there.

The reality, however, is that Petraeus will have a "direct line" to Washington, Reveron says. If the President, the secretary of defense, or Congress has questions, they'll call on Petraeus directly, whatever the formal command structure might be.

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