The Dream Candidate


I don’t want to rush anyone. But are we ready to say that Fred Thompson’s proto-incipient campaign for president might not be quite ready to sweep the current crop of goofballs from the field?

Or, isn’t there a serious possibility now that this guy may never actually get into the race? If for no other reason than to salvage some of the aura of dignity upon which the lucrative acting career is based?

Today Thompson tapped his third campaign manager. Which means he’s now operating at a ratio of 3 managers to 0 campaigns. And I guess that means a ratio of like infinity or something like that. But let’s not get distracted by that.

In any case, I need to ask you a favor. Can you send me links to quotes of glitz columnists and yakkers gushing about Fred’s gravitas, Reaganosity and generally inevitable waltz to the Republican nomination?