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Teabagger/LaRouche Alliance?

It turns out a long-time TPM Reader (I'll call him RZ to extra-super-double protect his anonymity) was there and he just after leaving the event he wrote in to tell us that at this event the Teabaggers were joined by a squad of LaRouchies.

About the Mengele incident, he writes ...

In response to a question about medical effectiveness research, the gentleman wearing a shirt with President Obama sporting a Hitler mustache called our dean "Dr. Mengele" for suggesting we compare treatments to find those that are effective, safe and better than other medical treatments treatments. The conversation reached a low at that point.

Apparently the Mengele outburst came in response to a question about medical effectiveness research came from a non-Teabag, non-LaRouche sane woman in her 60s.

So I asked RZ, was the Mengele outburst from one of the Teabaggers or one of the LaRouchies?

Definitely Larouche... They are calling the Obama Plan a "Nazi health plan." I couldn't bring myself to take their literature. They made the Teabag crowd look civil.

Sounds like it was quite a special time.

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