Swan Song


This is how John McCain ends up — finishing his presidential quest by arguing that allowing the Bush tax cuts to lapse will bring Socialism to America.

If only those generations of lefties had known it would be so easy.

And what happened to his being a terrorist?

Late Update
: TPM Reader RN vents …

Socialism? Is that all they’ve got? Can someone shout to him, hey dude it’s 2008 – nobody under 45 even knows what that means! What’s going on with his campaign? Josh, please explain to us mere mortals out here in real America why John McCain is STILL, 7 days before election, trying to rally his base? Isn’t that what Sarah Palin is for? Imagine how close this race could have been if the old, moderate, John McCain had popped up after the convention? Imagine the breaking of the tire swing rope as every journalist in sight would have jumped on in sheer exultory delight that the Mac was
back. I want the guy to lose as bad as any Dem, but it’s almost getting painful, like watching a punch drunk fighter get mauled and the ref won’t call it.