Surprise, Surprise


So Gov. Palin is giving her first interview to CNN to CNN’s investigative reporter Drew Griffin.

Remember this is the guy they sent to Alaska to investigate Trooper-gate and came back snarking, “But please tell me if you think [Trooper Mike Wooten’s] tale — dubbed Troopergate by Gov. Palin’s political enemies — is really the scandal that will bring down the newest star on the political scene.”

Late Update: Hmmm. Seems like Griffin’s fluffing more than Sarah Palin. TPM Reader RC sends in video of Griffin providing the same service for Stanley Kurtz’s ‘reporting’ on Bill Ayers, the bogus ACORN story and ACORN special reports for Lou Dobbs.

Latter Update: In Griffin’s defense, here’s a decent critique Griffin did of the GOP’s jihad against ACORN. Not perfect, but not deeply hackish either.