Sui Generis


From TPM Reader JW

Rudy’s collapse is the mark of the worst presidential campaign in history. Think about it: Rudy Gulliani was the national frontrunner a year ago in many, many polls. He led virtually all of his Republican opponents, and several of the top Democratic candidates as well. Today, he has been drubbed in every race and is left in a do-or-die situation in Florida.

Two of histories previous “worst” campaigns, Texans John Connally and Phil Gramm, were never considered the front-runners, never led in any polls and never had the continued, recent national exposure that Rudy has enjoyed. They spent far less money and accomplished really the same results.

Generations of political historians will pick at the Rudy 08 corpse and wonder what the hell happened. Losing is one thing, but this glorious flameout is one for the ages.