SOTU Live Blog


9:02 PM: Pre-released remarks about Health Care Reform seem fairly restrained and bland.

9:06 PM: Entering the phony everybody likes each other phase.

9:16 PM: See the full text of tonight’s speech.

9:18 PM: Maybe everybody could feel better if they just left the hall and found a few bankers to string up? Sort of everybody get it out of their system.

9:20 PM: Did any Republicans stand and applause for the bank tax?

9:21 PM: Guess the earlier decision to keep all this good stuff secret wasn’t such a good idea.

9:22 PM: Just reminded what a wanker John McCain is. Need to remind myself every once in a while.

9:25 PM: Wait, Republicans are whooping and cheering for the jobs bil? Tax cut on high income earners?

9:26 PM: Eric Cantor and John Boehner don’t have the right facial gestures for when the camera pans on them.

9:28 PM: It’s always hard to remember the precise way things happened before. But the Dems seem particularly eager and antic in their cheers. Not what you’d expect from a Democratic party supposedly so down on the president. And I’m not saying they’re not. They are. But I wonder whether there’s not some level nervous energy, wanting to get excited.


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