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I watch Washington Journal each morning, and this morning emailed in a question to Rep. Keith Ellison who was appearing. The gist of it was...what was the "game plan" of the Democrats if this issue was not resolved until next year.....what leverage would Democrats have? His response was rather defensive, and he offered no definitive plan or acknowledgment that it would be far more difficult in the next session of Congress. He actually said he thought Republicans, come Christmas Eve, would not want those unemployed to go without having their benefits extended. Really?!

That's my biggest issue..........I certainly understand Democrats' anger over how this has played out with the president,,,but they need to take some responsibility as well. To oppose without a concrete plan as to how they would address this in the next Congress leaves me much less sympathetic. With re: to unemployment benefits, I've heard too many callers on a daily basis calling into WJ whose benefits have expired or are close to expiring.......too many heart-wrenching stories.

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