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Seems Like A Reasonable Fellow

Maybe some sense will finally come into your lives some day and we can all learn to live in harmony, but I doubt it. You and yours will have to learn to accept opinions other than your own for that to happen. You foment hate and division, because you’re nothing but evil and despicable people and, quite frankly, I’m happy to be rid of you. Please do society a favor and go straight to hell rather than waiting years and possibly decades to be dispatched to your just reward anyway.

Forever your enemy,

Response ...

K[], when I started reading your note I found it very surprising that anyone would be banned or muzzled for not sharing the views of most commenters. That's simply not the moderating strategy we take. Then I read a bit further to where you say we're evil, disgusting and that you hope we all die and are murdered in some coming "anti-statist" revolution that you crave. This gives me the sense that you were not a terribly civil commenter and perhaps your mix of rage and eliminationist rhetoric got a negative response from fellow commenters. Best, Josh

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