Schaffer in Paradise


Overnight we brought word that Colorado senate candidate Bob Schaffer (R-CO) actually went on one of those Abramoff junkets to the Mariana Islands, funded by the islands’ sweatshop owners who were Abramoff’s biggest clients. This is how he came to the conclusion that we rebuild our own national immigration policy around the Marianas model even though the Marianas program is notorious around the world for forced abortion, slavery, child prostitution, beatings and having the overwhelmingly female foreign workers houses in shacks with no plumbing surrounded by barbed wire.

Well, this morning the Denver Post put out a new article on Schaffer’s trip which provides a host of new details, including pictures.

Here’s Schaffer and his wife doing a little parasailing …

And here’s Schaffer being conducted on a tour funded by the organized by Abramoff and the sweatshop owners.

According to the Post article, when the tanned Schaffer returned to the states he reported that everything seemed fine. “The workers were smiling; they were happy.”