Russert Dumpster Diving


I think pretty much everyone knows now that that picture of Barack Obama with his hands at his sides that’s been making the rounds of the right wing sites actually wasn’t taking during a recitation of the pledge of allegiance. So why does Tim Russert repeat this canard on national TV? Here’s Russert’s question to David Axelrod this morning (emphasis added) …

Let me ask about two final issues. David Axelrod, based on the last couple of weeks, many Democrats fear Republicans in the fall will string together an ad which shows Michelle Obama saying that she really never had pride in America until this campaign when Barack Obama was running, Barack Obama with his hands clasped in front of him rather than holding his heart during the pledge of allegiance, Barack Obama not wearing a flag pin, Barack Obama talking about clinging to faith and to guns, suggesting–Barack Obama meeting with Bill Ayers, a former Weather ground under–Weatherman underground figure. Are you concerned that all those kinds of issues could be strung together to create an impression of Obama that would make him almost unelectable to a lot of swing voters?

With his supposedly crack research staff, how does Russert manage to make a mistake like that? Where’s the retraction and apology? Or is it intentional?

(ed.note: Special thanks to TPM Reader PF for the catch.)