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Running? Really?

Newscom / Bill Clark

That's surprises me because Lieberman is actually quite unpopular in his home state. And I'd been assuming that he'd play out his time out showboating through this term and then retire. But if he is planning on running again, at some point he needs to start thinking of who he plans to get to vote for him.

Which brings me to another idea. I don't know how one would swing this under federal election law. But I've wondered for a while whether it would be possible to create a placeholder committee that would raise money for Lieberman's eventual Democratic opponent in 2012. Sort of the Anti-Joe Fund (AJF). I have the sense that that might be a difficult proposition under federal fundraising laws -- like you could have the committee but maybe the committee could only give $5000 or something to the eventual anti-Joe candidate rather than allowing the eventual anti-Joe nominee to just walk into the money.

If you could do it though, I would imagine you could probably raise tens of millions of dollars in anti-Joe money over the next three years or so because every time Joe pulled a stunt like the current one, it would be a focus for Dems around the country to work through their anti-Joe ire.

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