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Right-Wing Circus Comes to Town

"Speechless - Silencing The Christians"
"Thugocracy - Fighting the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy"
"Defunding Planned Parenthood"
"Activism and Conservatism: Fit to a Tea (Party)"
"The Threat of Illegal Immigration"
"Obamacare: Rationing Your Life Away"
"Marriage: Why It's Worth Defending and How Redefining it Threatens Religious Liberty"
"The New Masculinity"
"Wait No More: Finding Families for Waiting Kids"
"Turning the Tide in Your Generation"

The paranoia, the fear-mongering, the aggressiveness are all what we've come to expect from the right-wing apparatus. In the past I've tried to remind myself that the network of self-sustaining advocacy groups and all the parasitic for-profit outfits that feed off the right's money-raising gravy train is separate from the official Republican Party. But as the party has shrunk and its remnants have become ever more beholden to the conservative base, that's a line-drawing exercise that's lost much of its utility. So in many ways what you see at the Value Voters Conference is the Republican Party of today: shrill, confrontational, and bordering on desperate.