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Reasonable Expectations

Enough of that. The conversation begins with parity between cuts and revenues.

Also, the idea that Democrats should exchange any long term 'entitlement' reforms(i.e., cuts) for inherently short-term up-tweaks on the sequester is equally ridiculous. Republicans are guffawing amongs themselves that they can get the motherlode in the outyears in exchange for crumbs in the short run. And if you're for slashing middle class benefits and intensifying economic stratification, it's a great deal. But why?

None of these deals are good. They're crazy, frankly. At best, they're based on the political situation two years ago. Not the different situation coming out of the shutdown debacle. Just no. The country needs to get back on regular order, real budgeting and real tending to the country's long term fiscal position. But it needs to be done on the basis of good policy. Not crazy or hostage taking demands from congressional Republicans.

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