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From TPM Reader RW

This torture thing looks like it has real legs. And it may ironically turn on the reverse of the famous Watergate question of “What did the President know and when did he know it?” Because if it turns out the President didn’t get the full story from Cheney and the torture memos were after-the fact justifications, not explorations of policy options, we are looking at something far, far greater than we realized a week ago.

I’m not sure this is really going to turn on the president’s being out of the loop. Since, after all, being in the loop is usually a relative thing. And if the unlooped person won’t say they were out of the loop, there’s not much to go on. But I do think that the mix of drip, drip, drip declassifications and Cheney’s inability to stop talking are opening up a number of new dimensions to this story.


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