Race War on the Border?


You may have missed it because of the news out of Iran this weekend. But a bizarre and horrific incident came to light over the weekend in which the leadership of one of the ‘Minutemen’ border


vigilante groups (including Shawna Forde, pictured here) were arrested for a home invasion in which they tried to murder an entire family. The father and daughter were killed; the wife managed to survive. The father was reputedly a drug dealer and the idea was to kill the family, steal the money and take the drugs which would then be sold for more money. A fringe benefit, it seems, was that the mass murder could be pointed to as another example of mayhem on the border caused by an influx of illegals.

Now it turns out though that the suspects, in addition to having ties to ‘mainstream’ anti-immigration groups like FAIR and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, were also tied to white supremacist groups like the Aryan Nations and had a master plan to recruit a ‘militia’ of white supremacists who would pull other such home invasion stunts down in the southwest. Here’s our report.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.