Prepare For Liftoff


As you can see we’re rolling out a new version of the site today. We started the switchover at about 10:30 this morning. And as is often the case with these relaunches there will likely be a few bumps along the way. So bear with us. On the main TPM site, the changes you’ll see on the front end will be relatively limited. The main thing you’ll see is the ‘log in’ box near the top of the site — which I’ll say more about shortly. This is the last stage of the redesign of our network that we’ve been rolling out in stages over the last six months.

As you’ve seen, with the new site design we rolled out in mid-2007, we’ve been integrating our small network of sites, giving them each a common design theme among other changes to recognize the fact that TPM, TPMmuckraker, TPM Election Central, TPMCafe and TPM Horses Mouth function editorially as an integrated network of sites.

Today changes will bring TPMCafe in under the new design. And you’ll now be able to comment and blog using one log in across all the TPM sites. So if you’re tpmfreak59 at TPMCafe you can now comment on all the TPM sites with that log in. In addition to new profiles reader can set up we think this will enhance the quality of the discussions at our sites in a number of ways.

As I said, I’ll be updating you on all the new details shortly. This is just a heads up about what’s coming. Please bear with us with any bumps through the day. And of course if you have questions, let us know.