Poll Watching


There are two new polls out on Pennsylvania. Quinnipiac’s is in line with the other polls that have come out this week, showing Obama gaining on Clinton but still significantly behind. They have him 9 points back. Meanwhile Public Policy Polling, which has had a solid record this year, shows Obama taking a narrow 2 point lead. For the moment, the PPP poll has to be seen as an outlier, though it is important to note that the PPP poll is the most recent survey.

But look at these internals from the Q poll, which will certainly get highlighted by the Clinton campaign, clipped from the Q poll release memo

Florida: Clinton 44 percent – McCain 42 percent; McCain beats Obama 46 – 37 percent;

Ohio: Clinton beats McCain 48 – 39 percent; Obama gets 43 percent to McCain’s 42 percent;

Pennsylvania: Clinton tops McCain 48 – 40 percent; Obama leads McCain 43 – 39 percent.

And to add to the equation, the Q poll memo suggests a significant racial dynamic in the voting when McCain is placed against the two Democratic contenders.