On-Going Kindle Post-Mortem


When last we spoke, I was telling you about my Kindle’s sudden demise. Or rather the apparently sudden demise of its screen. One of the reasons I like sharing things with you is that I immediately find out more than I could possibly have learned on my own about the subject. So this is what I’ve found out so far.

First, my Kindle is pretty clearly toast. The screen is broken, which I guess is probably pretty obvious from the picture (but denial goes a long way). And this actually seems to happen a lot. It turns out that the eInk which the whole system is based on has a layer of glass in it. And it’s actually quite fragile. It seems like quite a few of you have had the same thing happen to yours.On the positive side of the ledger, everyone who’s had this problem says that when they’ve called Amazon, they’ve shipped them a replacement more or less no questions asked. Which is actually saying something in customer service terms because people who’ve had bad experiences are always more ready to share their stories.

The key is if it’s in warrantee. And from what I can tell, mine’s not. So it would seem I’m hosed.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.