NJ-Gov Fix


For all my fellow NJ-Gov fellow obsessives out there a quick update. Yesterday we had the Quinnipiac poll showing Corzine opening a meaningful lead over Christie — 43% to 38%. Well we’ve got three new polls out today. And it’s remains a mixed picture, with the upshot pointing to a crazily tight race.Democracy Corps has Corzine by 5 points. Corzine 43%, Christie 38%. Same as Quinnipiac.

Kos/R2K has Christie ahead by 1 point. Christie 42%, Corzine 41%.

And SurveyUSA has it all tied up at 43%.

There’s a lot of polling in this race. And in some ways what is most striking is just how consistent the results have been going back two or three weeks. The trend is definitely toward Corzine. But it’s a trend well within the margin of error of the polls themselves. When you add in the big wildcard of how many Daggett voters will break toward one of the major candidates at the last minute, you’ve got a race that’s really hard to predict.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.