New CBS/NYT Sounding


There’s a new CBS/NYT poll out; but I haven’t yet seen a write-up of the campaign details. So a few nuggets, which will be followed later with a write-up at TPM Election Central.

The internals look significantly better for Obama than Clinton. For instance, Democrats overwhelmingly think Obama’s the stronger general election candidate — 56% to 32%. On favorable vs. unfavorable ratings, Obama has the biggest net positive of all three candidates — 19%. Clinton has a net negative 1%.

On “shares the values of Americans”, it’s Obama (70%-21%), McCain (66%-27%) , Clinton (60%-34%). But the numbers are fairly close.

One thing that jumps out at me if the question of who particular candidates would favor — rich, middle class, etc. Obama does ‘better’ than Clinton. But 53% of voters think McCain would favor the rich — and only 23% say he’d treat all economic classes the same.

Still there’s good news for Hillary and Dems across the board in the horse-race number. Both Dems beat McCain by five points (Obama 47%-42% and Clinton 48% to 43%).

Late Update: The Times now has up their own write-up of the results, which paints a more mixed picture for Obama. Here’s the Times pdf of the poll internals. Here’s the one from CBS. I’d be curious to hear what others think after looking at the crosstabs. There’s a notch down in Obama’s favorables among Democratic primary voters. And a chunk of Democratic primary voters who had an unfavorable opinion of Clinton appear to have moved into the undecided column. Overall, though, in most of the key measures that people are now watching, the internals pretty much all look good for Obama and he appears to have been damaged very little by March. But, again, take a look at the internals and let me know your thoughts.