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My Infamy Revealed

Your comment about "Dems" concerned about hacking Diebold machines shows you have not followed the problems caused by the machines. The Democrats, with the exception of Kucinich, did not support all the election integrity activists and this is why the US is still using those hackable machines. Many of the activists have no party affiliation and are trying to save your democracy.
Read up on the 2000 election and the 2004 (Ohio) John Conyers even wrote a book about the hackable machines in the 2004 election. Look up Mike Connell and how he happened to die in his plane a few days before having to testify about the actions he performed on the hackable machines. The machine between your voting station and the final count.

I can't believe someone I had respect for, and have read your site for over eight years, is now calling all the hard work, election integrity activists have done, paranoid.

I am a Canadian who could not believe you elected Bush again in 2004. I researched and found out he was never elected, in 2000 or 2004. All mainly due to manipulation of electronic voting machines. I have read and followed blogs concerned about the electronic voting for years and I know without a doubt that they are and have been hacked. Your government does not seem to care. Now you don't either so I will no longer be reading your blog (Not that it matters to you I am sure as I don't have the money for your "prime" site anyway.

I will be contacting all election integrity sites I have followed since 2004 to inform them of your ignorance.

You owe them an apology!

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