Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) says that the tactics the FBI are using against fellow Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) are “a bit Gestapo-like”.

Here’s the not completely coherent statement The Politico got from the senator …

“I think some people say, ‘Ah, but for the grace of God go I.’ Especially when you have the allegatiatons, you have the judicial segment of our government, the executive branch, out raiding the homes of senators, that is a very frightening propostion. It is a bit Gestapo-like in its style and tactics … When the FBI was offered a key and invited into the home, they chose publicize it to make sure the media was there first, and they broke in. That is gamesmanship. That makes senators very, very angry when they attempt to cooperate when for reason they are caught in these webs and yet they are denied that for the sake of the jduciary’s publicity. That is wrong.’’

Ahhh, there but for the grace of God goes my house renovated by fatcat CEOs who’ve now pled guilty to bribing my son and other pols …