More on HRC as SOS


On CNN this afternoon Wolf Blitzer quoted some critical stuff I wrote yesterday about making Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State. So I wanted to add some context. It’s not just that I have doubts about the job Clinton might do as Secretary of State, which I do, it’s also that I want her to stay in the senate. I think it’s the perfect job for her. Hell, she’s my senator. I’ve voted for her. Her voice, ability to politick, her smarts, just who she is as Hillary Clinton are really needed there, especially as Ted Kennedy’s health may limit his ability to push big legislation in the way he has for decades. It’s not one or the other; it’s both. She’s needed in the senate.

I would note that of the readers who write in and explain why this is such a great idea, quite a few of them have an explanation that boils down to thinking that Obama needs to coopt Hillary, get her working for him on the inside so he doesn’t have to worry about her trying to undermine his presidency on the outside. That’s a much more cynical view of her motives than I’ve ever had.