Mitt Polls


We’ve got TPM Reader MA wondrin’ …

I started off being very skeptical that the Romney campaign would push-poll itself…but these pieces add up to a creepy claim of plausibility:

1. The Utah based company that did the polling has ties to BYU. It’s hard for me to imagine a company with Mormon leanings willingly allowing itself to be paid by Mitt’s rivals to attempt to tar a Mormon candidate — on the basis of his Mormonism.

2. The fact, as you noted, that this doesn’t have the appearance of a typical push poll. That this wasn’t set up to influence large numbers of voters makes the notion that the goal was to create a mini-scandal and generate sympathy for a victimized Mitt a bit more plausible.

3. It’s hard to imagine any other campaign not understanding that such a tactic would backfire on them and give Mitt ammunition.

this is a tactic worthy of the legendary battles for leadership of the college Republicans. But still, the downside danger of doing something like this and getting caught seems too big too risk. I remain skeptical.