Last Chance Debate Blogging #1


9:04 PM … “Hurting and Angry”… Isn’t that McCain?

9:11 PM … Forget Bill Ayers; he’s playing the Joe the Plumber card.

9:12 PM … When they invented the term “shit eating grin” were they thinking about John McCain?

9:17 PM … John McCain keeps talking about not spreading around the wealth. But what’s having the government buy everybody’s mortgage at over-market prices to keep their net worth up?

9:18 PM … Lotta ethanol.

9:19 PM … Courtesy of TPM Reader JW, the average salary of an American plumber.

9:21 PM … So that’s McCain sting line — I’m not Bush, if you wanted to vote against President Bush you should have run four years ago. Ehhh. Curious to see how Obama responds.

9:25 PM … McCain: Angry and Hurting.

9:25 PM … Schieffer wins Nobel for moral equivalence award!

9:26 PM … McCain: I went sleazy because Obama wouldn’t do a hundred townhalls with me.