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Joe The Plumber He's Not


First, a friend of Doherty's, Elf Ellefsen, said that Doherty's recollection of his meeting with Romney was considerably different than Romney recalled.

From a local news interview with Ellefsen ...

According to Ellefsen, Romney introduced himself to Doherty four separate times during the gathering.

"He said it was very comical," Ellefsen said, "Mitt Romney approached him ultimately four times, using this private gathering as a political venture to further his image. He kept introducing himself as Mitt Romney, a political figure. The same introduction, the same opening line. Glen believed it to be very insincere and stale."

Ellefsen said Doherty remembered Romney as robotic.

"He said it was pathetic and comical to have the same person come up to you within only a half hour, have this person reintroduce himself to you, having absolutely no idea whatsoever that he just did this 20 minutes ago, and did not even recognize Glen's face."

Without doubting Ellefsen's sincerity, you probably have to figure in that he's probably not the biggest fan of Mitt Romney.

Now, though Doherty's mother has come forward too ...

"I don't trust Romney. He shouldn't make my son's death part of his political agenda. It's wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama," said Barbara Doherty, Glen's mother.

Here's the video ...


Again, I don't get the sense that Barbara Doherty is voting for Romney. But these are the risks you run when you enlist a dead soldier into your campaign for posthumous service.

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