It’s Really Time for That Intervention


Now Palin’s headlining (literally or figuratively, I’m not sure) the Republicans Governors Association conference.

Late Intervention Update: TPM Reader DH begs to differ: “I beg to differ about getting Palin off the center-stage of Republican leadership. The more she solidifies her status in the GOP, the harder it will be for them to move the party towards a pragmatic, centrist image that attracts independent voters in congressional and presidential elections. The GOP is already defaulting to her. That’s good for Democratic candidates. ‘Palin 2012!'”

I quite agree from a partisan perspective. The more Palin the better. But I think we also need to think about this from the broader perspective of national dignity. And simple human decency. You’re at a party and someone’s drinking too much and starting to do embarrassing things. Even if you don’t like them, and even if the unlovely part of you thinks it’s kind of funny, still someone should step in. On the other hand, if Rush and Sean, are up for it, maybe we just tap another keg?