It’s All So Confusing, So …


The Post’s Shailagh Murray has apparently


decided that it’s so hard keeping track of all of Norm Coleman’s lawyers nonsensical arguments about why he shouldn’t have to leave the senate that the only reasonable answer is just to hold a whole new vote. Now, bear in mind, that’s not me saying they’re nonsensical. It’s mainly the judges shooting him down right and left.

Here’s Murray from an online chat today at (via Balloon-Juice) …

Baltimore, Md.: Speaking of junior senators, do you see Al Franken being seated anytime before 2010?

Shailagh Murray: Perhaps, but it seems more and more likely that the Minnesota race will wind up as a re-vote. At this point it seems like the quickest way to resolve the situation.

For what it’s worth, there is vanishingly little evidence that there will ever be a revote of this race because Franken was certified (*) the winner after the recount and Coleman’s suit to overturn that result is going badly. Even if it went well, it would almost certainly lead to reopening the recount rather than having a revote.

Asked later what she was talking about, she continued …

I don’t have a revote “theory.” I’m just wondering how long this is going to sit in the court system. If Coleman looks desperate, why not just hold another election and beat him handily? But there’s a process in place here, and we can only assume both parties will abide by it.

So if he’s really flailing so badly in his court case, why not just hold a new election?

(ed.note: * — certification, in this context, has a particular meaning under Minnesota law. As the term is normally understood, the canvassing board certified Franken’s election. But under Minnesota law, a certificate of election cannot be issued until all legal challenges have been exhausted. So, because Coleman still had the right to appeal the result, no certificate was issued.)


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