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Introducing PollTracker Mobile


And now for some really important thank yous and acknowledgements.

PollTracker, web and mobile, is basically the work of two guys: Kyle Leighton and Eric Buth. Kyle is Editor of PollTracker. He runs the daily poll aggregation, oversaw the entire project and is also our primary polling analyst. Eric, TPM's Director of Technology, is the coding genius who's spent the last year building the entire PollTracker edifice from the ground up. Both of these guys put an immense amount of work, dedication and diligence into building the PollTracker that's going to guide us and you through the next three months and I want to thank them both.

Next, the folks who built the actual iPhone app itself -- the team at Dewey Digital. Great programmers, incredibly shrewd about mobile and digital media and actually able to keep up with what was, in this case, an incredibly demanding client, us. We're very happy with the result. And we thank them.

Next, Professor Charles Franklin of the University of Wisconsin, one of nation's top experts on public opinion and the statistical analysis of political opinion data. Franklin serves as our outside consultant on all statistical questions related to the compilation, averaging and trend analysis of polls and worked with us, tirelessly, on all PollTracker statistical methodology.

Finally, on the publishing and biz dev front, a special thanks to TPM Deputy Publisher Callie Schweitzer and David Gross.

Our whole team has put a lot into this project. So please download it, check it out, give us your feedback and tell your friends. We hope you love it.

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